SW International appoints a new member firm in Saudi Arabia

SW International has further enhanced its international representation by appointing Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair as our member firm in Saudi Arabia, effective 1 January 2023. This admission is a continuation of SW’s global growth strategy following the recent admission of SW Spain.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of SW International, said: “Strategically located at the heart of major trade routes crossing three continents with bountiful natural resources, Saudi Arabia plays a key role in today’s global economy. The recent visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Kingdom underlines the emerging opportunities presented by the Arab world and its expanding global ties. We are very excited to welcome the team from Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair to our SW network, enabling us to cater to the fast-growing business landscape in Saudi Arabia and strengthening our presence in West Asia and Middle East.”

Mr Marco Carlei, Managing Director of SW International, added: “I am very pleased to welcome this diverse and globally-minded professional firm of Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair to the SW network. We are confident that our Saudi Arabian member firm can provide the support and services expected by our international clients, particularly as Saudi Arabia and neighbouring regions are opening their markets and encouraging international investment.”

Mr. Adel Abdullah Aboulkhair, Managing Partner of Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair, said: “We take pride in our 20-year history together with our experienced and well-trained specialist teams. We have built close relationships with our clients, which in many cases span local and global markets. Joining the SW network marks a milestone in our growth journey, aligning with our vision for international development.”

Mr. Abdullah Adel Aboulkhair, Partner of Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair, commented: “Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic transformation is unleashing exceptional growth across different sectors. The strength and untapped opportunities of our country, combined with the reputation of the SW brand, shall allow us to enhance and grow our services considerably. We believe our admission to the network will be of significant benefit to our clients, partners and staff.”

Our member firm in Saudi Arabia currently has 4 offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Khamis Mushait. It provides an extensive range of professional services including audit and consulting services to all sorts of local and multinational clients.

Representatives from SW International and Adel & Abdullah Aboulkhair joined together at a virtual signing ceremony to celebrate the new chapter of our growth story in West Asia and Middle East.


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